About Me

My Name is Julija Erofeeva.

Made in USSR, Chelyabinsk in 1989.

Graduated in 2010 from the South Ural State University, Faculty of Tourism with honor and from 17 y.o worked in tourism companies and traveled a lot.

When I was a kid I developed films with my father at home and later he gifted me my first camera Zenit 10 so from that moment I fell in love with photography.

Now I’m working as a contribute photographer at Shutterstock and focused more on portraits. So feel free to take a look at my photos and contact me if you want to work with me.


May 2018:  Solo Exhibition “Solitude” – Belgrade, Serbia.

April 2018: Group Photo Show “Lens” – Belgrade, Serbia.

April 2018: Group Photo Exhibition “Crossroads” – Belgrade, Serbia.

April 2018: International Photography Festival “ReFoto Identity” – Belgrade, Serbia.

May 2017: International Art Photography Festival “Fotorama” – Kragujevac, Serbia.